The Best Rainy Day Activities in Porto

Bell   |   3 November 23

Arriving in a new city to non-stop rain can often be a frustrating start to a holiday, however rain will not stop you from enjoying some of Porto’s best activities. Make the most of the beautiful shops, cafes and bars the city has to offer and get your rain cape on!

I am currently volunteering at a Surf Camp near Porto and my host recently told me that this is the rainiest October he has witnessed in a long time. It has pretty much rained at least once per day, every single day of the month.

Thankfully, the weather is still mild and while surfing is often off the cards, Porto has many other rainy day activities on offer. From gastronomy to museums to shopping, I guarantee you will not be bored – no matter how rainy your days in this beautiful city.

Read on if you want to learn more about the best rainy day activities in Porto and click here for more Portugal guides and tips. 

Things to do in Porto when it rains

Take a walk through the Porto Legends

Porto Legends - traveloffscript

“Porto Legends, the Underground Experience” is an immersive light show in the tunnels beneath the Porto Customs House. The 45 minute show tells and, more importantly, shows you 10 historic Porto legends that have defined the city as it is today.

You are able to walk through the tunnels throughout the show and take in the images displayed along the walls, while listening to the legends on headphones in your native language. 

This activity is perfect for a rainy day as it is indoors, teaches you more about Porto and is a truly unique spectacle. Tickets for adults are €11.66 and childern/students €9.54. I would recommend booking online in advance as they do sell out on the day. 

The same location, called Immersivus Gallery,  also has other immersive light shows such as one on painters Monet & Klimt or one on Salvador Dali. 

Embrace traditional Portuguese music at a Fado show

fado show - traveloffscript

Walking through Porto, you will find countless bars that advertise Fado shows, often paired with a Port Wine Tasting. But what is Fado?

Fado is described as “A shawl, a guitar, a voice and a lot of feeling“. It is more than a music show, the artists builds an emotional connection with their audience. Silence is a compliment here, as it means the artist succeeded in making you feel something. Every singer chooses their songs based on their own life as well as those closest to them. 

The singer is accompanied by a Portuguese guitar, which has 12 strings instead of the usual 6. The resulting sound is intricate and clear, a true pleasure to listen to. It’s an incredible show that you shouldn’t miss, even on non-rainy days.

Warm up with a Port Wine Tasting

port wine
Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

Porto is often said to be the “Capital of Port Wine”, with the majority of the world’s port wine stored and fermented in one of Villa Nova de Gaia’s wine cellars. What better place to indulge in the rich sweetness of Port wine? Every wine house has their own tastings and tours, but you can also book a tour that visits several of them:

Dip into Portugal’s history at the World of Discoveries

World of discoveries is a unique theme park and interactive museum, featuring Porto’s history, culture, adventures and more. It is ideal for families or those interested in Portugal’s voyages and quests around the world. 

Tickets are cheaper online, costing around 13,60€ for adults and 8,50€ for children. 

Enjoy Porto’s delicacies on a food tour

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

From Pastel de Nata to Tripas à Moda do Porto to delicious, portuguese cheeses, Porto is seriously underrated when it comes to food. Porto features the most incredible restaurants, cafes and bars serving local delicacies with beautiful views over the city and Douro river.

A food tour is the perfect way to give everything a go, especially if you only have a few days to explore the city. In addition, your guide will be able to elevate your meal even further with stories, facts, history and more of the foods.

Find some bargains in one of the cities thrift shops

Did you know Porto has some incredible thrift shops that offer true bargains? No? Neither did I. Yet, it’s true – Porto’s thrift shops are not overpriced or overrun and hence make for the perfect rainy day acitivity. 

From Mon Père Vintage to the HUMANA charity shops, you are sure to find incredible new pieces here. 

Check out the Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace)

Palacio da bolsa tiled ceilings
Photo by Rui Alves on Unsplash

The stock exchange palace in Porto is a historical monument right in the historic centre of the city. It is known for its breathtaking interior and glass structures.

Some say it is overrated for the tour price (€ 12 for a 30 minute guided tour), others say the historic aspect is fascinating and the interior is truly one of a kind. I think it is worth heading there on a rainy day and marvelling and the sheer beauty of Palacio da Bolsa.

Grab a raincoat and embrace the rain

Porto in the rain - traveloffscript
Possibly my favourite image of my entire time in Portugal - there is a whole soap opera happening in the back too

If you are stuck with a few days of rain in Porto and want to see all the main sights, I honestly recommend to just embrace the rain. Grab one of the huge ponchos for 5€ and a change of socks and head out. 

We honestly had one of our most fun days in the city when Porto experienced torrential rain. Just watch out for the cobblestones when walking down the hill – I can tell you from experience that they are insanely slippery and the bruise is not worth it.

Does it rain a lot in Porto?

Winters in Porto are infamous for being rainy but mild. This can start as early as October, as it did this year, and last to about April/May. The surf season usually ends in September/October due to storms (which are accompanied by even more rain).

Porto is even said to be one of the rainiest cities in Southern Europe. Don’t fret though – the city is just as beautiful in the rain and there are so many indoor activities. Plus, you’ll have way less people than in the summer months. 

When is Porto’s rainy season?

Rainy season in Porto starts in October and goes to May with February, October and December as the rainiest months. 

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