The Best Sustainable and Ethical Travel Blogs to Read in 2023

Bell   |   26 September 23

Sustainable and ethical travel is key to long-term management of tourism and minimising any negative impact of travel. Here are the best travel blogs to help you get started!

With the travel industry rapidly recovering and numbers of tourists reaching and even exceeding pre-pandemic numbers, it is now more important than ever to travel sustainably and ethically. From choosing eco-friendly accommodation to supporting local businesses, there are many ways to travel more responsibly.

The bloggers below are experts in sustainable travel and a great help in understanding more about the topic as well as educating yourself prior to any trips to new destinations.

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Speck on the Globe

Speck on the Globe was created by Abbie who has been travelling the world and working remotely for over 10 years. She focuses on sustainable travel and often shares her favourite eco-friendly accommodation, experiences and more. She provides sustainable spins on travel classics, perfect for anyone looking to get started with more conscious holidaying.

Charlie on Travel

Meet Charlie and Luke from Charlie on Travel. They started their travel blog after moving to Taiwan in 2012. The believe that travel is all about the positive contribution you bring to your destination and minimalizing any negative impact. Their blog is packed with useful information on sustainable travel, tips and tricks as well as destination specific guides.

Salt in our Hair

Salt in our Hair is one of the big boys of the travel blogs, run by the talented Nick & Hannah. Originally from the Netherlands, they have been all over the world since 2016, leveraging their experience in the creative industry to run this incredible travel blog. Their blog has a sustainability specific section that is perfect for anyone getting started in more ethical travel.

Responsible travel is a so-called “activist travel company”. They offer up to 6000 sustainable and ethical holidays, fully planned for you. They are a real pioneer in making conscious travel accessible to anyone for over 20 years now. They also have really great travel guides on their blog.

Girl about the Globe

Lisa has been to 147 countries, 115 of which solo and partnered with some incredible organisations, such as war child and travel aware, along the way. She has a huge information base on sustainable and ethical travel on her website.

Paulina is the face behind Paulina on the Road, a travel blog that seamlessly mixes outdoor travel with sustainability. She offers some incredible free resources and travel guides on her website to get you started on the journey to sustainability.

Hidden Lemur

Hidden Lemur is a team of creators and writers who want to make ethical travel more accessible. They are a marketing agency focussing on sustainable businesses but provide extensive toolkits on their website for every facet of sustainable travel. They are a great resource to get started.

If you don’t fancy a tour, just walk along the river Main. The area is lovely with lots of great bars and restaurants. 

Seaside with Emily

Emily created Seaside with Emily in 2015 and introduced the topic of sustainable seafood to the travel community. She says she is :“taking that sustainable seafood education worldwide”. A truly fantastic resource for all seaside and seafood lovers who want to be more eco-friendly.

If you don’t fancy a tour, just walk along the river Main. The area is lovely with lots of great bars and restaurants. 

Evelina is a climate activist, currently living in Gothenburg. She started as a solo, female traveller on Instagram in 2013 and made it as a travel writer in 2016. She says that when she learned about airplane emissions in 2018, she made the decision to completely stop flying. Instead, she goes via train and bus and focuses on bringing attention to environmental issues.  

The Altruistic Traveller

Created by Bianca in 2015, The Altruistic Traveller recently welcomed Faye to the team. Their focus is clear – make tourism eco-friendly and ethical. Their blog is one of the most comprehensive in the sustainable travel niche. Anything you want to know about the topic, you will find here. Articles are beautifully researched and detailed – an incredible resource for conscious travellers.

Claire's Footsteps

Claire put her travel plans on halt to learn more about sustainability and has now set out on a journey to combine the two. She works hard to minimise her negative footprint in the places she visits and teaches you to do the same. Her speciality are overland adventures.

Conscious Traveler

Victoria has been part of the travel industry for decades and her blog focuses on sustainable resorts and experiences all over the globe. She touches on slow travel, sustainability efforts and so much more.

travelers & dreamers

Travelers & Dreamers was created by Annelies with the goal of focusing on conscious travel. She shares many facets of sustainability, including slow travel, vegan diets, packing sustainably and more. Here you will find lots of interesting tips and tricks paired with beautiful photography.

the Wise Travellers

If you want to see a truly cool website, head to The Wise Travellers. Run by Tiago and Sandrina, two long-time friends and self-declared nature lovers, their blog is a true library of information on everything conscious travel. Paired with truly beautiful web design (sorry, the designer in me can’t help it) and gorgeous photography, a great blog to check out!

The Crowded Planet

Last, but certainly not least, we have The Crowded Planet. Margherita and Nick have been travelling together for years and their blog is a testament to their love of nature and adventure travel. They focus on the topic of Ecotourism and alternative ways to explore a country.

Getting started

Learning to travel more sustainably and ethically is a journey. Join me in discovering more about the topic, staying up-to-date with any new information and best practices for specific destinations:

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