Cheapest Way to get from Stockholm Airport to City Center

Bell   |   13 November 23

Visiting Stockholm is known to be pretty expensive, however, it can be done without breaking the bank. Here is the most affordable way to get from the Airport to the city center, step by step. 

How to get from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to City Center for cheap?

There are many express buses and trains from Arlanda Airport to the city center, however prices start 129SEK and go up to 320 SEK for the express train. There is a “hidden” option that is included in any public transport pass you buy and hence by far the cheapest (SEK 39 if you don’t buy a day pass but instead a single ticket). You first take a public bus and then train:

  1. Once you have left arrivals, follow the signs for ground transportation. It is a bit of a walk but eventually you will see the sign for local bus (SL) on your left side. Walk down the stairs and outside. The bus stop for the local bus is just to your right.
  2. Download the SL App to buy your ticket. I recommend a 24hr or 72 hr ticket, depending how long you have in Stockholm.
  3. Get into Bus 583 to Arlanda and take it until Märsta Station. You just need to tap your bar code on the app when entering the bus.
  4. At Märsta Station, get into train 41 to Södertälje centrum or 42X to Nynäshamn.

And that’s it – both trains go right into the city center.  I’d recommend using Google Maps to find the best station to get off at for your accommodation. The Airport has WiFi so just use Märsta Station as your departure point.

The whole journey will take around 50 minutes. 

Bus number 583 to Arlanda leaves here. In the airport, follow the signs for the local bus (it has the sign “SL”), not the bus station with the express buses.

583 bus to arlanda stockholm

Train from Märsta Station to Stockholm City Centre

Train 41 and 42X take around 40 minutes to get into the city center from Märsta Station. Once you get out of the bus, just head into the station and check the display for the right platform. You can also ask someone for help – most people in Sweden speak excellent English. 

How much does it cost to go from Stockholm Arlanda to City Center?

The option of public bus and train either costs 39 SEK (3.39€) or is included in the day passes. 

Here are the multiple day ticket options:

SL travel card fares

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