10 Christmas Presents for the Solo Traveller in your Life

Bell   |   4 December 23

Getting the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones can feel stressful, however, fret not. As a solo traveller myself, I have collected the perfect list of present ideas for the jetsetter in your life!

Buying a Christmas present for a traveller can be difficult as you may not see them as often and hence not know their current preferences. However, it is actually easier than you may think. Having spoken to thousands of other travellers over the years, I can tell you we are all fairly similar and always ask for similar things for birthdays/Christmas.

Here is the ultimate Christmas present list for solo travellers, including budget-friendly ideas and unique experiences:

Best travel gifts for any jetsetter

High-quality packing cubes

Packing cubes will completely transform the way you travel. They organise your clothes and you are able to fit so much more. Now that adding luggage to flights is getting more and more expensive, anything that will save a bit of space is a life-saver. Compression ones are especially useful.

My Uniqlo crossbody bag has followed me to over 6 countries now and has been a real game-changer. It fits everything, even a small water bottle. It’s safe when I’m solo travelling because it sits really close to your body and it’s fashionable too. Perfect for any traveller!

Osprey Fairview 40l

The Osprey Fairview is often said to be the holy grail of backpacks. It’s perfect for backpacking trips to the likes of South America or Southeast Asia. It opens like a suitcase and is very durable, making it a great investment.

Small portable speaker

A speaker is a solo travellers best friend when it comes to making friends. Whether on a road trip, in a hostel, by the beach or on the slopes, a speaker will automatically group people around you. I love the JBL one as it has a hook so you can clip it anywhere with a carabiner.

Fun luggage tags

I am notorious for not recognising my suitcase on the airport luggage belt, especially when in a rush. Somehow they all look the same nowadays. A unique luggage tag has been an absolute life-saver for me and makes the bag recognisable in case it gets lost. 

I love these handmade ones from a small shop on Etsy:

Hanging toiletry bag

Many solo travellers stay in shared accommodations, such as hostels, in order to meet other travellers. The bathrooms in these places are notorious for being “temperamental”. Often they aren’t super clean or big. A hanging toiletry bag saves you from having to place your stuff on any dirty counters and showers.

Microfibre towel

Every single traveller needs a microfibre towel. It’s super small and lightweight, dries fast and is easy to clean. More and more accommodations are now charging crazy fees for towel rental, so bring your own!

Waterproof Bumbag

One of the things I struggled most with as a solo traveller was trips to the beach. I wanted to go swimming but was always worried about my valuables. After all, my phone is my whole life and safety when travelling. These waterproof bumbags were the perfect solution – I can put all my important stuff in and they actually don’t let a drop of water through. 

Teva Hiking Sandals

Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash

Teva Hiking Sandals are easily one of my best travel-related purchases. And I don’t say this because they sponsor me (though Teva, please sponsor me). The sandals are super comfortable, waterproof and durable. You can hike, go swimming and do whatever your heart desires in them. 

An Unforgettable Travel Experience

Experiences are often the best part of travelling (and the most expensive). I guarantee you that the traveller in your life will LOVE receiving an activity, tour or unique experience for Christmas. If you aren’t sure where they are headed next, why not book one in their home town? 

Here are some of my favourite recent experiences:

I hope you found this list helpful! Any items that caught your eye? If you are a traveller yourself, what are some presents you’d love to receive?

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