The Ultimate Guide to Spending a Hot Day
in Vlorë, Albania

Bell   |   23rd July 2023

Vlorë is the perfect spot for a summer beach vacation, boasting some of the clearest water I have ever seen. Combine that with the incredibly affordable and delicious food options as well as large array of new hotels run by the kindest hosts and you have the formula for the ideal holiday spot.

That being said, Vlorë can get very hot in the months of July and August, with temperatures often in the mid to high 30°. Temperatures are very similar to the nearby countries of Greece and Italy.

So, what is the best way to spend a hot day in Vlorë and make the most of your vacation? I spent over 3 weeks during the 2023 heatwave in Vlorë and have all the best tips and tricks here:


Restaurants and cafes in Vlore, Albania
Byrek (Albanian Pie) for breakfast-2

Start the day with some delicious Albanian breakfast, including Byrek, Flija and my personal favourite Petulla. 

A lot of hotels in Vlorë have breakfast included but you can also find a multitude of delicious bakeries and breakfast spots in the city.

In Albania, local businesses aren’t necessarily on Google Maps so it’s worth just checking the area near your accommodation for local gems. 

Head to one of Vlore’s many beaches nice and early

Vlore, Albania best beaches for a hot summers day

During high season, both private and public beaches fill up by 10 am. I would recommend grabbing breakfast around 8am and then heading straight to the beach. 

When Vlore is at its hottest, daily temperature highs range from 35-40 degrees. This means lying on the beach is only possible for so long before you need to get out  of the heat and sun.

So, head there earlier rather than later until the early afternoon.

Since becoming the newest tourist hotspot, Albania has transformed the majority of public beaches in bigger cities into private ones. My host in Vlore explained this is as there is no regulations surrounding this yet – the country is growing faster than it can keep up. 

A private beach chair costs about 1000ALL (10 €) for two people and includes an umbrella. It is yours for the entire day. 

I’d say if you’re only there for a few days, it is definitely worth paying for a public beach near your accommodation.

If you are there longer, I have summarised my favourite public beaches to explore below.

Here are my personal favourite stretches of beach where you can lie without paying:

Just opposite this restaurant are stairs, at the very left end you can go down to a public stretch of beach. The stones there are small and comfortable to lie on and the water is dreamy.

The majority of this beach is private but you can lay in the big gaps between two different private sections. This beach is sandy and super close to the centre.

This stretch of beach is a bit iffy to find but really beautiful once you do. From Vlorë centre, you head towards Bar Restorant “Kalaja” Vlorë and keep going until you find this road going off the side (walking about 3 minutes). Walk down the road and you will find another public beach.

Grab a late lunch in one of Vlore’s many affordable restaurants

Vlore’s restaurants are still incredibly affordable. Even at high season, most pasta dishes are under 10€. A Gyros is usually around 3.50€.

Still, my favourite thing to eat during the midday heat is a Greek Salad. Every restaurant has it and they are always super fresh and delicious. 

Portion sizes are big and the salad usually comes with free bread. Best of all, the whole thing is only 3.50€.

Eating a Greek Salad in Vlore, Albania on a hot summer day

Spend the afternoon inside

Once you have soaked in the sun for a few hours, it is time to give your body some time out from the heat.

Head back to your accommodation for some (hopefully air-conditioned) rest or one of the many cafes/bars in central Vlore.

Head back to the beach for sunset (and an evening swim)

Sunset at the beach in Vlore, Albania

My favourite way to spend the evening in Vlore was watching the sunset on the beach. I didn’t miss a single sunset while there and they were some of the best I have seen in my entire life. 

It’s also the perfect time to get in another swim as the beaches are empty (you can even use the chairs for free a lot of the time) and it is still a pleasant 25-30 degrees. 

Finish the day with seafood and cocktails

Cocktails on the Beach in Vlore, Albania

As I’ve mentioned a few too many times in this article, Vlore has incredible food. If you are a seafood lover, this is definitely the place for you.

Whether grilled to perfection, in a delicious linguine or as a fried appetizer and all for under 15€. 

Don’t worry if seafood isn’t your thing – Albania also does delicious Gyros, lots of grilled meat and vegetables as well as a variety of non-seafood pasta dishes.

Once you’ve had dinner, head to one of the many beach or rooftop bars and enjoy delicious cocktails or a shot of the local Raki – just be warned, it is usually made by the restaurant or bar themselves and hits VERY hard. 

My personal favourite one

The most important thing when heading to the beach in really hot weather is staying hydrated and covering your head from the sun.

Best hotels in Vlore

I spent 3 weeks at this hostel volunteering for accommodation as part of the Worldpackers program and loved every second. The host is kind, the hotel and amenities are amazing and there are tons of delicious restaurants nearby. 

This hotel is a little more central and close to some of the beautiful sandy beaches in Vlorë. It’s very chic and a walking distance to the restaurant and bar mile.

If you’re looking for something fancy with a well-known restaurant and bar that is sold out every night, this is the hotel for you. The service is impeccable and the hotel is beautiful.

Best hostels in Vlore

This hostel is in a great location near all the major beaches and the big bar/restaurant mile. Best for short stays.

At the upper end of the city where the famous club and bar area is. Often called a  home away from home.

This hostel is the one most central, perfect for exploring old town and easy access to the beach and shops. 

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