Travelling from Vlore to Saranda by Bus

Albania is Europe’s hottest new tourist destination and for good reason. Beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea water, the friendliest people and a rich historic and cultural side.

Vlorë, often also referred to as Vlora, marks the beginning of the Albanian Riviera – the stretch of the Albanian coast home to the gorgeous coastal towns that make for the perfect beach getaway.

Sarandë, also called Saranda, is the final stretch of the beautiful Albanian coastline, right next to the border of Greece.

Both cities have their similarities, however, each has their own unique charm and nearby attractions to explore. I would really recommend visiting both for the ultimate beach vacation in Albania.

The easiest way to get from Vlore to Saranda is by car or bus. The cheapest is definitely by bus – it only costs about 10 Euros. 

I found the bus journey from Vlore to Saranda quick and enjoyable – I was actually the only foreigner on the bus, but never felt unsafe or uncomfortable. The drive itself is scenic and depending on the route, you either get a glimpse of the impressive mountainscape of inland Albania or the gorgeous coastline with the famous blue waters.

Here is everything you need to know about the bus from Vlore to Saranda:

90% of buses in Vlore go from the Bus Terminal.

That being said, if you are staying in a hotel/hostel/AirBnB, asks your host or receptionist to look online and give the company a call. They will be able to give you the closest stop to your accommodation and accurate departure times. 

Otherwise, I would recommend heading to this bus terminal a day or two before your planned departure to find out exact times and ask any additional questions to the bus drivers there.

The terminal is chaotic and bus drivers understand little English, however they do understand the name of the destination and can easily point you to the right van.

bus timetable vlore to saranda

As of July 2023, the bus from Vlore to Saranda leaves at 7am, 8am and 1pm.

That being said, this timetable is subject to change constantly. I would highly recommend chatting to your host/receptionist or asking at the bus station prior to your day of travel.

There may also be other companies going at different times – asking at the bus station should give you the most comprehensive list of current departure times.

the bluest,5clearest water at the Blue Eye, Albania
The Blue Eye boasts some of the clearest and bluest water I have ever seen!

100% yes!

Saranda has gorgeous beaches, lots of day trip options and cheap, delicious food and bars. From Ksamil to the Blue Eye, Saranda provides access to some of Albania’s most famous tourist attractions (and they are definitely worth visiting).

I loved my time there and was surprised by how unique and different it actually was to Vlore.

The quickest route (inland) is 162km and takes about 2-3 hours by car or bus. 

The scenic seaside drive is about 133km and takes just over 3 hours. It goes through the beautiful towns of Himarë and Dhërmi, which are definitely worth a stop if going by car. 

Regarding the bus, it will usually take the inland route if you are going directly from Vlore to Saranda. Bus drivers in Albania drive pretty quickly but there is often some delay in departure time. The whole journey will take around 3 hours.

I would recommend downloading a map of your destination and roughly knowing where your hotel is in Saranda. The bus drops you off somewhere in the centre and you’ll have to walk from there.

Van from Vlore to Saranda, Albania
The buses are usually converted vans and your luggage goes in the back. You'llprobably have to get it out yourself (but the journey is only 10 Euros).

Most of the buses going longer distances from city to city will, however they are often older vans and it may not be working.

The local buses rarely have air-conditioning so bring a fan.

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