How to get to Nazaré from Porto by Bus

Bell   |   5 November 23

Nazaré is not only the city of mega waves and epic surfing, it is so much more than that. From adorable, local shops to delicious restaurants and picturesque streets, Nazaré is well worth a visit any time of year. 

It’s only a day trip away from Porto too, with the bus journey taking around 2 hours and 40 minutes. Here is everything you need to know about taking the bus from Porto to Nazaré:

How to get from Porto to Nazaré by bus?

There are two bus companies going from Porto to Nazare and vice versa:

  1. Flixbus – you’ve probably heard of Flixbus before, it’s an international bus company that started in Europe but is now found in the US, Canada, Brazil, Chile,… It has a reputation of being unreliable etc, but I have not had any issues and find it a very cheap way to get around. 
  2. rede expressos – Rede Expressos is based in Lisbon and only operates in Portugal. It has fairly good reviews (for cheap bus companies anyway).
Both companies are fairly comparable in price, with tickets starting as cheap as 5€ but can go up to 20€ or more if you book last minute or at peak times (e.g. when the big wave competition is on in Nazare). I’d recommend booking based on the time you’d like to leave and availability/price for that exact time for both companies.

Both the Flixbus and rede expressos bus station in Porto is right outside Campanhã  train station in the Campanhã  bus terminal. Look out for the corresponding sign to find the correct pick-up spot in the terminal. The monitor is often not up to date so I recommend just asking the drivers for the correct bus (or other passengers because you won’t be the only one confused). 

How much does it cost to go from Porto to Nazaré ?

If you book super early, tickets will only be around 5€ one way. At peak times (when there is a surfing competition) or if you book last-minute, tickets can go up exponentially. Usually you can get tickets for around 15€ return. 

You can adapt your booking with both companies at a small cost which can be useful if plans change.

Departure times for both bus companies changes by day and especially season. There are less departures in winter as it is off season. Currently (November 2023), Flixbus has 2-3 departures a day and rede expressos has 8-9 (though only 4 that are cheaper and go the quicker route).

Check Flixbus timetable for Porto to Nazare here.

Check rede expressos timetable for Porto to Nazare here.

100% yes, Nazare is worth visiting.

Nazare is one of my favourite places I have been in Portugal. The locals were SO friendly, the food was incredible and the waves epic. Even if you go during summer and there are no waves, the town is super picturesque, the views from the cliffs are still insane and there is so much to explore.

I loved my time there and would go back any time.

The quickest route is 211 km and takes about 2 hours by car or 2 hours 45 min by bus. 

The route goes along the Portuguese coast through beautiful towns like Aveiro, which is worth a stop if you have time. 

Where does the bus to Porto leave in
Nazaré ?

It leaves from Nazare Bus Station, right by the side of the road. There isn’t any bays here so just wait by the station and you will see the bus as it arrives.

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