5 Reasons Why Munich Should Be Your Next Solo Travel Destination

Bell   |   12 September 23

Though Munich is often only known as the city of Oktoberfest, it is actually the perfect destination for your next solo adventure. It is safe, rich in history and culture as well as close to some of Bavaria’s biggest attractions.

Munich is actually where I spent much of my childhood years, learned to ski and ice skate and had my first date. I have a very obvious soft spot for this city, but having come back time and time again as an adult, I can honestly not recommend it enough for a solo adventure.

First of all, it is so safe. It has once again been crowned Germany’s safest city and chances of a crime happening to you are incredibly low – it is even safe to walk around at night (though as always be careful). It was ranked 9th safest city in the world just recently.

Munich is the ideal spot for anyone from art to history lovers to adventure geeks and outdoor enthusiasts. I have summarised my top 5 reasons Munich is the perfect next solo travel destination below:

Wide array of outdoor activities

Botanic Garden Munich - traveloffscript

Munich and the outdoors go hand in hand. From the stunning Botanical and English gardens in the center to Olympiapark with it’s many sport opportunities and outdoor events to the endless list of hikes, lakes and even castles to explore near the city.

Nature lovers will not run out of things to do here and solo travellers can benefit from the many hiking and outdoor groups on Facebook (e.g.) to find others to adventure with. In summer, Munich and its surroundings offer countless crystal-clear lakes and rivers to cool down in and get a tan. You can even give surfing a go, right in central Munich on the famous Eisbachwelle – here are you sure to make friends with like-minded adventurers.

There are always events and festivals happening

Olympiapark Munich - traveloffscript

Oktoberfest is just one of the many events in Munich every year. You have Tollwood festival, Fasching (which is Germany’s Carnival in February), BMW Open, Munich Film Festival, Christkindlmarkt (the famous christmas markets), Kocherlball and so much more. 

If you are staying in a hostel, you will find many other solo travellers who are just as keen to head to these events together, many will even specifically visit Munich for those events. If not, I would recommend checking Facebook Groups and Bumble BFF for others heading to the same event. Also keep in mind that people at events are there to have a good time and usually more than happy to let you join their group, have a chat or connect over a drink!

Incredible art and culture

marienplatz - traveloffscript

From a 360 panoramic view over Munich from the historic Frauenkirche (women’s church when literally translated) to theAlte Pinakothek which houses one of the world’s most impressive art collections, Munich is Germany’s heart of art and culture. Simply by walking through the city center, you will discover incredible feats of architecture. Venture further to Munich’s Old Town for historic restaurants, markets and century-old churches. 

You can find a full list of the most recent developments in the arts and culture space in London as well as countless suggestions on what to visit here

Exceptional options for daytrips

View over the Alps and Zugspitze on a daytrip from Munich, Germany - traveloffscript

You can get from Munich to the Bavarian Alps in just under an hour by car and about 2 hours by train. There, you will have endless options for hikes, alpine lakes and exploring the cute, rural towns sprawling along the mountainside. One of my personal favourites is Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

But that’s not all – Munich also has Schloss Neuschwanstein, the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, just a 1.5 hour drive away. There are also countless amazing tours that take you there (it is more difficult to reach by public transport) and tell you more about it’s extensive history. I love tours when travelling solo as I get to meet other people and also always have someone to take my photos 😉

On top of that, there are even more day trip options: Salzburg in Austria, the Zugspitze (highest mountain in Germany), Dachau memorial site, Chiemsee,…

Food and beer lovers paradise

Biergarten Germany
Photo by Daniel McGuire on Unsplash

In my humble opinion, German food is SO underrated, especially from Bavaria. From Schnitzel to Käsespatzen to Knödel – there are countless of foods to try and enjoy

On top of that, Munich has a long brewing tradition and interestingly Munich beer is the only one allowed at Oktoberfest due to their strict standards. Munich has countless beer halls and beergardens where you can enjoy traditional food and drink as well as mix and mingle with both Germans and other travellers. Believe me when I tell you no beergarden around the world compares to the ones in Bavaria.

Oktoberfest 2023 in Munich as a solo female traveller

Oktoberfest Hertzl Stand - Traveloffscript
Oktoberfest at night from the air - traveloffscript

With Oktoberfest right around the corner, the question is:
Would I recommend visiting Okteberfest as a woman alone? This may be controversial, but no, not really. Oktoberfest is the exception to the rule when visiting Munich. 

I went last year with a few of my girl friends and we went fairly early, did not go in the tents and weren’t wearing the rather sexy Dirndls and yet we still got harassed by drunk men every two steps. I’ve heard it’s a lot worse in the tents. If you can, bring a male friend who can deter those guys but still be prepared for unwanted attention.

I don’t say these things to scare you away, I just want to be completely real with you about my experiences. 

If you don’t have anyone to go with, I would recommend going fairly early on in the day, before most people are drunk and rowdy. That way, you can still enjoy the rides and maybe a nice lunch and beer in a tent but without any harassment. 

I grew up in the megacity London and have travelled all across the world so I can ensure you that I am not easy to phase with unwanted attention, but I personally found Oktoberfest almost too much. I also want to highlight that the problem aren’t necessarily the Germans but often the many foreigners not used to the quantities of beer that are served at Oktoberfest.  

Would I still recommend going? Yes, but the bigger the group you can go with and the more men you trust, the better and safer it will be. That way, you can also have a few drinks without having to worry too much. It is truly such a cool event and 100% worth experiencing at least once

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