How to Get from Porto Airport to Porto City Centre on a Budget

Bell   |   26 October 23

Getting from Porto Airport to the City Centre is really easy and definitely doable on a budget. The public transport system in Porto is affordable and well-connected, making it the perfect destination for any budget-travellers.

There are multiple super cheap ways to get from or to Porto Airport, such as metro and bus. Even the taxis and Uber are fairly affordable if you are a several people or have lots of luggage. 

The public transport system in general in Porto is a great way to get around the city and even explore the surrounding beaches and small towns, perfect for day trips. 

How to get from Porto Airport to the City Centre?

1. By Metro

Porto metro
Photo by DCL "650" on Unsplash

The metro is often said to be the best way to get into Porto city centre on a budget. The E metro line departs directly from the airport every 20 minutes from around 5am to 1:30am, there are lots of signs at the airport guiding you to the metro station. The journey takes around 30 minutes. I recommend using Google Maps to see where you need to get off to be closest to your accommodation as well as track your journey as there are no announcements on the metro.

You need to buy an Andante Card at one of the ticket machines at the airport station, there is a train worker there who can assist you too as the machine can be a bit confusing. Make sure to select your language before starting the buying process as you cannot change it once you’ve started. The card is reusable and costs 0.60€. The fare from the airport to the city center costs 2€ as it covers 4 zones

2. By Bus

The GetBus goes 9-10 times per day from Porto Airport to the City Center and vice versa. The timetable can be found here.  It costs just 3€ one way and 5.10€ return. The journey will take around 20-30 minutes and ends/departs at Campanhã Bus Station.

I think this is just as good an option as the metro, possibly even better if you  have many bags to juggle. 

3. By Taxi / Uber

You can get an Uber from the airport to the city center for as little as 13 €, depending on time of day and demand. I would say it is worth it if you are several people, as it is much quicker and easier, especially if you have heavy bags. It will also drop you right at your accommodation. 

A taxi will usually cost between 20-25 . A list of the official prices should be displayed somewhere in the taxi that will lay out exactly what you are paying and any possible surcharges. 

More Information About Porto

Are Porto’s beaches nice?

Porto actually has pretty nice , sandy beaches that are great for tanning, swimming and amazing for surfing. 

Matasinhos beach is one of the best, with lifeguard service in the summer, very consistently good surfing and lots of cafes and restaurants. 

You can reach the beaches via bus. Line 500 leaves from São Bento station and gets to Matasinhos in around 35 minutes. You can pay using the Andante card that is also used for the metro and a single trip costs 1,20€.

How many days should you spend in Porto?

You can see Porto city centre in 1-2 days, though I would recommend 3-4 if you are planning to head to the beaches and maybe even go for a surf (which I would highly recommend, Matasinhos is amazing for beginner surfers). 

You could also consider adding even more days if you’d like to go on some day trips. I can recommend Aveiro, often also referred to as “Venice of Portugal“. The city is a beautiful relic of the Art Nouveau movement with canals that wind all throughout the city, carrying the beautiful barcos moliceiros.

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