Porto's Best Viewpoints: Where to Get the Best Panoramic Views of the City

Bell   |   1 November 23

Porto – the city of Port wine, beautiful historic buildings and winding streets. The city has many must-visit vantage points from where you can take in the breathtaking panoramic views of Porto and watch the sun dip down in the distance.

Porto is easily one of my favourite cities I have visited in Europe. There is so much to do and see, yet life here is slower, more peaceful. In Porto, you spend your evenings watching the sunset with a glass of port wine and then head to one of the many Fado shows in the city. Life seems easier, happier.

Read on if you want to learn more about the best panoramic viewpoints in Porto and click here for more Portugal guides and tips. 

Best Viewpoints in Porto

1. Parque de estacionamento Duque de Loulé

Porto best viewpoint of Ponte Luís I and city skyline - traveloffscript

On my first day in Porto, I took a free guided tour (where you tip at the end) by Porto Walkers. I love taking these tours when I visit a city for the first time as they are usually locally led and give you a great introduction of the culture, people and best places to see. 

Our guide was incredible and took us to this random car park, which turned out had one of the best views of the city and Ponte Luis I, the famous bridge connecting Porto. To take a photo like mine, simply put  Parque de estacionamento Duque de Loulé in Google Maps and turn towards the river, you can sit on the stone walls and get an incredible shot.

2. Terreiro da Sé

Another tour guide recommended spot for getting panoramic views of Porto city center, especially the famous orange roofs sprawling over the hills. This spot is right by Sé do Porto (Porto cathedral).

The cathedral features some stunning architecture and for 3€ (book here) you can view the inside as well as climb the tower for true 360° views of Porto. 

I also find the cathedral a very useful navigation point as it leads you straight to the top of the bridge as well as down into the city centre.

3. Jardim do Morro

Porto viewpoint of Ponte Luis

Jardim do Morro is possibly the most popular spot to watch the sunset in Porto and an incredible vantage point over the city. You also get a great view of Ponte Luis I. There is usually someone going around to sell drinks so you can enjoy your views with a cool bottle of local beer in hand (or soft drinks).

From here, you can take the cablecar into Gaia or use the stairway that is located here:

I would actually recommend at least walking down this way once as the views are beautiful and there are so many cute, local shops to check out. Gaia is one of my all-time favourite areas in Porto and I highly recommend just spending an afternoon wandering around the streets there. 

4. Ponte Luís I

Porto viewpoint over city from ponte luis- traveloffscript

This is the place to be for the perfect Golden Hour shots with Porto as your backdrop. Since it does get really busy at sunset, I would recommend checking it out some other time of day too to really appreciate the stunning views from the upper level of the bridge. 

Just beware of the trams running both ways – they will beep but not stop for you so keep an eye out.

If you are unsure how to get to the upper level, just head to Porto Cathedral and then straight down Av. Vimara Peres from there – you cannot miss it!

5. Miradouro da Vitória

Porto skyline - traveloffscript

One of the most well-known viewpoints in Porto, Miradouro da Vitoria is the perfect place to spot some of Porto’s most famous sights and the Ribeira. The viewing platform is located on a private property but tourists are welcome.  A must-visit for panoramic views over Porto.

6. Cais de Gaia

Porto gaia viewpoint

I’m sure you are sick of hearing me say it, but Gaia is one of my favourite places in Porto. The views are one of a kind and the photos you get here at sunset are divine.

The view of Porto’s skyline is totally different here and will stop you in your tracks. It really showcases the beauty of Porto and the houses sprawling along the hillside. 

Gaia is also the perfect area to grab a glass of Port – after all, the majority of the world’s port is stored and aged here. Make sure to tour one of the warehouses to get a closer look at the process and history. 

What is considered the best way to see the city of Porto?

Porto is an incredibly walkable city as it is fairly small and has many roads and alleys that cars can’t access. It is built on a hill so you will be walking up and down a bit, however this is manageable. Personally, I think walking is the best way to explore Porto as you will be able to explore all the cute shops built into tiny alleyways and marvel at the beautiful tiles all around the city.

I would highly recommend taking one of the many “free” guided walking tours of Porto (where you tip at the end) as they are usually local guides who can show you all the best spots in the city.

In addition, the city is well connected via metro and buses and even has cable cars to take you from the bottom of the Gaia district to the top of Luís I Bridge.

Where can I watch the sunset in Porto?

All of the above mentioned viewpoints are great places to watch the sunset in Porto. My favourites though are Jardim do Morro and Ponte Luís I (the upper level of the bridge). From there, you can watch the sun sink behind the hills and get beautiful shots of the city bathed in golden light. 

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