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Bell   |   13 October 23

Singapore isn’t known for being budget friendly, however, it is more than possible to travel there on a budget. From capsule hotels to cheap eats and things to do, this article will help you plan your solo trip to Singapore without breaking the bank.

Singapore was my first stop on my very first solo trip at just 18 years old. I was on a tight budget, an inexperienced traveller and had not planned my time there as I only had a 2-day layover on my way to Australia. Still, I had the most amazing time, got to see tons of the city and did not nearly spend as much money as others had warned me I would.

I went back to Singapore a couple of years later and it is still one of my favourite travel destinations. The city provides such a unique experience, there are tons of free and low-cost things to do and the food is incredible. The skyline views at night are one of the most impressive I have seen across the world.

The city is also incredibly clean and everyone speaks English, making it the perfect destination for beginner backpackers. It’s often referred to as “Asia for beginners”, meaning it is much easier to explore than maybe some other Asian countries. 

Where to stay in Singapore on a budget?

Singapore has amazing Capsule Hotels. They kind of lie in between budget hotels and hostels. You often stay in rooms with other people but get your own little “capsule”, which includes a bed and storage. It can be completely closed off at night for privacy and is usually very clean and quiet. 

There are countless examples such as the JYU Capsule Hotel and Dream Chaser, all at very reasonable prices. 

Capsule hotel Singapore - traveloffscript

This is a hotel/hostel mix, where each bed you book is a private pod that can be completely closed off at night. You usually don’t hear much of the other occupants and can make your own sleeping space completely private and closed off. 

It’s a great budget-friendly option that provides more privacy than normal hostels. Prices start at around 50 GBP a night and they have female-only dorms. 

When I stayed there around 6 years ago, each bed had a TV as you can see in the image above. It looks like this isn’t the case anymore, however the pods look majorly modernized now. Mind you, they were already really nice when I visited. 

For an even more budget option, check out The Bohemian. Located in the heart of Chinatown, this hostel provides rooms starting at just 30 GBP per night.

They also provide free breakfast and social evenings, so a great option for any solo traveller looking to meet like-minded people during their stay. 

Best Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Singapore

Experience the magic of Gardens By the Bay

Gardens By the Bay Singapore - budget guide - traveloffscript

Gardens By the Bay is the one attraction you absolutely cannot miss while in Singapore. It honestly feels like you are entering a fairy land and best of all, it’s completely free. They also have a light show that features all the huge trees at 7.45pm and 8.45pm every night. The show changes every month or so and features a unique soundtrack every time. 

Gardens By the Bay also has two huge plant conservatories called  Flower Dome and  Cloud Forest which are a little more pricy but so worth the money. I recommend searching for vouchers or different websites who sell the tickets on Google as there are often deals on where you can get the tickets for around S$30 instead of S$53. Just make sure you don’t buy from a scam website.

Top Tip

Most hostels in Singapore sell discounted tickets to main attractions such as Gardens By the Bay. You are able to get some great deals this way so make sure to ask reception for their offers. 

Stroll through the National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden is part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, which are completely free and absolutely worth a visit by the way.

The Orchid Garden takes a small admission (check the deal below for discounted tickets) but is an incredible visit and a local favourite. 100s of stunning, colourful flower beds line the gardens. If you’re a flower-lover (or just casual enjoyer as I am), you need to visit!

The Singapore Orchid is their national flower after all, so it’s easy to see why they take such meticulous care of this beautiful garden. 

Catch one of the breathtaking free light shows

We’ve already explored the Gardens By the Bay daily light show, however, that’s not all Singapore has to offer in the light magic department

Spectra is a light and water show that is displayed over the water at the Event Plaza every night, free and open to all. Showtimes are 8 & 9pm on Sunday-Thursday and an additional show at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. I recommend showing up around 30 minutes early to get a “barricade” view, it does get pretty busy. 

Lastly, if you are waiting for your flight at Changi Airport, the HSBC rain vortex has a free light show on every day at 8 & 9 pm  as well as at 10 pm Friday to Sunday. Watching the world’s tallest indoor waterfall come to live is truly an experience!.

Grab some delicious food at the local Hawker markets

Hawker Center Singapore
Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

Singapore has countless Hawker Centres, each boasting a mix  of local cuisines at super affordable prices. You could spend hours just exploring the different options and incredibly talented cooks. It’s also the only place you will get local, delicious food at a very affordable price.

Hawker Centres are usually open-air with lots of different food stalls and vendors. The markets were built with government support to allow the sale of cheap and good food while minimising the pests and diseases that come with selling straight from the street, as traditional hawkers would.

Venture to Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island
Photo by Ravish Maqsood on Pexels

The cheapest way to get to Sentosa Island is to walk via the Sentosa Boardwalk, it’s about a 40 minute walk from VivoCity to one of the beaches and is known for nice views.

The way with the best views is via Cable Car. The Mount Faber line goes straight from the Harbour to the Island with stunning views of Singapore and Sentosa Island. The round trip costs 33 SGD (about 23 Euros) so it is a bit of a pricier activity but well worth it. 

The beaches on Sentosa Island are free and open to the public. Bring some snacks, a towel to lie on and relax in the sun. The water is beautiful to cool down.

If you get bored, there are even more free things to do on the Island. The Sentosa Nature Discovery trail takes you on a journey of the native wildlife of the island, while the Fort Siloso Skywalk provides you with a gorgeous treetop walk and views over Sentosa (especially nice at Golden Hour). 

Enjoy the views at the Merlion

Photo by Jisun Han on Unsplash

Half fish, half lion, the Merlion statue is a must-visit while in Singapore. The statue represents Singapore’s culture and history, the fish standing for Singapore’s origins as a fishing village and the lion for the original name of Singapura which means lion city in Sanskrit.

It is located right by the harbour front with gorgeous views of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the Singapore Business district. I recommend checking it out both during the day and at night –  the views are quite different.

Learn more about Singapore's history and culture at the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The remarkable Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was built in 2007 for the public to visit the “left canine tooth of Buddha, which has been recovered from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India and displayed on the temple’s grounds“.

Its design is often regarded as one of the most photogenic of Singapore. It is free to visit but remember to wear appropriate clothing that covers your shoulders and most of your legs. The temple is also a museum, housing exhibits that tell of Buddhist history, art and culture,


Can you visit Singapore solo on a budget?

Yes, you can 100% visit Singapore solo on a budget. From delicious, cheap food at the Hawkers markets to free attractions, Singapore has all the essentials for a fun budget trip. Singapore is also incredibly safe (the 6th safest country in 2023) and hence perfect for solo and female travellers. In addition, everyone in Singapore speaks English so getting around is easy. 

I would even recommend Singapore for first time solo travellers due to its small, manageable size, safety and friendliness of locals. 

How much should you budget for Singapore?

Hostels will cost you around 30-50 GBP ($35-60) per night, whereas hotels are between 100-200 GBP ($120-240) but can go up to more than 600 GBP for the Marina Bay Sands

If you either cook in your accommodation or eat at Hawker Centers, you will only need around 3 GBP ($3.66) per meal. Normal restaurants will costs around 12-20 GBP ($14.50 – 25) per meal. 

A single ride on the MRT costs between 1.50 SGD (US$ 1.10) and 2.50 SGD (US$ 1.80) per journey. 

As we’ve seen above, you will probably spend between 0 – 18 GBP per day on attractions, though obviously there are many more expensive ones as well.

If you are on a tight budget, you can do Singapore on around 45 GBP ($54) per day. There are so many free attractions and cheap food that you will still have an incredible time. If you do have a bit more money to budget for Singapore, I recommend around 70 GBP ($85) per day. It just means you can definitely include attractions such as Gardens by the Bay and the Cable Car and maybe even a cocktail on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands.

How many days in Singapore is enough?

2-3 days are perfect for seeing the main attractions in Singapore without feeling rushed. 4-5 days are ideal if you want to take your time and visit more than the central attractions.

This also makes Singapore perfect for a layover if you are flying between Europe and Australia, as you can just stopover for 2-3 days and get a great feel for the city.

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