2023 Solo, Female Travel Trends: How, Why and Where Are Women Traveling Alone?

Bell   |   12 September 23

More and more women are choosing to travel the world solo. From doing the research on where to go to booking the flights and travel tours, female solo travellers are on top of their  travel game in 2023.

With solo, female travel becoming the norm, it’s time to explore women’s travel trends, safest destinations and statistics regarding the growth in female solo travel. 

As a solo, female traveller myself, I am excited to research this topic as I get to see the effects live when I travel. Rooms full of girls excited to go exploring together, beach hangs with a nice cocktail and female travel Facebook groups that make all your travel dreams come true.

Here are just some of the facts that are dominating solo, female travel in 2023:

Search for Solo, Female Travel

As shown in this trend report, solo, female travel searches were growing exponentially until the Covid Pandemic in 2020. Search numbers started recovering in the summer of 2022 when most countries were open to travellers again. They have since reached a peak this summer and are expected to increase even more going forward.

I believe the reason for this search growth is the fact that many new female travellers are looking to go on solo trips. By searching for solo, female travel, they can learn from other travellers as well as find personal experiences and tips.

At first, I was honestly surprised by how high this percentage of solo travellers that are female is. However, I can say from experience that I mostly meet other solo, female travellers when I travel. A lot of guys travel in pairs or groups.  

So ladies, take that trip! You won’t be alone long and meet some incredible other women travellers along the way.

Women travel solo out of choice

53% of women travel solo on their own accord. Reasons given in the Solo Female Travel Trends Survey were flexibility, getting away from everyday life, relaxation and the wish to challenge themselves

Honestly, I love all of those reasons. Some I would add for myself are the fact that I always make new friends when travelling solo and I connect so much more with the local community. 

The majority of women are repeat solo travellers

repeat solo travel in women

59% of women solo travellers would go on another solo trip within the next 12 months. Once the travel bug has bitten, there is no getting away. 

The first time I went on a solo adventure was 7 years ago to Australia and I have never looked back. 95% of my trips are solo travel adventures. 

Top destinations in 2023 for solo, female travellers

Safest places to travel 2023

Here is the ultimate list of top destinations for solo, female travellers in 2023. The list is based off the safest places to visit in 2023, the solo travel indexWorldpackers recommendations and countries mentioned in most solo, female travel lists for this year, mixed with my own personal experience of all these places:

  1. The Netherlands 
  2. Iceland
  3. Australia 
  4. Canada
  5. Switzerland 
  6. New Zealand
  7. Spain
  8. Ireland
  9. United Kingdom 
  10.  Albania

All of these places are super safe, solo travel friendly and you will meet lots of other women also solo travelling.

My recommendations for first-time solo travellers would be Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. All of these countries are very easy to travel and locals are super friendly and helpful. You will also be able to get around well with just English in all of them. Canada especially is so easy – I made good friends in every hostel I stayed in and finding jobs on the young person visa is a piece of cake as there are tons of seasonal jobs.

If you are a little more advanced, I cannot recommend Albania enough. I had the most incredible time there this summer and it is only looking to get more popular next year, so get there as soon as you can. 

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